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National Guard Flag Raising

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Horse Pull

Thursday, July 27, 2023 –  6:00 pm

Contact Kari Samuels 715-772-3163 or

Kathy Forester 715-556-0848 or 715-235-5776

Garden Tractor Pull

Friday, July 28, 2023, start 7:00 pm

Contact Brandon Kahl 715-651-7022

or check out Dairyland Garden Tractor Pullers 

on the web, or visit them on Facebook by searching for…

Dairyland Garden Tractor Pullers

by clicking on the image below…

Truck Pull

Friday, July 28, 2023, start 7:00 pm

Contact Brandon DeRosier 715-417-1660

Tractor Pull

Saturday, July 29, 2023, start 4:00 pm

Registration 11:30pm – 3:00pm for all classes up to 7000 lbs;

Registration 2:30pm – 5:00pm for all other classes.

Times subject to change

 We do not accept late entries.  

Contact us for more information

Polk County Fair Tractor Pull 

General Rules 

  1. Be a professional 
  1. Pullers must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Minors must have parent or guardian consent. No on under the age of 18 will pull outside the Farm Stock Classes. No one younger than 12 years of age will be allowed to pull. Due to insurance reasons, a birth certificate will be required to verify the age of minors. 
  1. All pulls will be made from drawbar. 
  1. Drawbar height MAXIMUM will be 20” to the top of the drawbar. 
  1. All pullers must furnish their own twisted clevis or a 3” hoop hole. 
  1. Clevis must be fastened to the drawbar with a ¾” or larger bolt and safety pin. 
  1. One fuel type only. 
  1. Pulling order will be determined randomly by draw. All pullers must pull in assigned order within three minutes or be subject to disqualification. 
  1. Operator must remain seated and drive in a safe manner. 
  1. Tractors must operate in a safe manner at all times. No chain jerking or hot-rodding allowed.  
  1. All tractors must be in neutral or park when being hooked or unhooked from sled. “Hands up” signal by the driver will be used to indicate this is being followed.  
  1. Tractor must remain within the boundaries of the track. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
  1. Tractor must be occupied while it is running. 
  1. Loss of any weight or part of the tractor will be grounds for disqualification.  
  1. All pulls must start with a tight chain and be straight in-line with the sled. 
  1. Contestants will have two consecutive attempts and 100 feet to start the sled. 
  1. Class pulling order and drivers order will be posted. 
  1. Judges have the option to reposition any puller in a class and adjust class running order based on class participation.  
  1. Violations of any rule shall constitute a disqualification. Arguing with judges will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. 
  1. Tractors will be stopped if front wheels are more than 24” off the ground. 
  1. All tractors must scale prior to hooking to sled, immediately prior to the start of your class. 
  1. Once weighed, you are staged. Leaving the staging area is not allowed.  
  1. NO BEER OR ALCOHOL IN PIT!!! No consumption of alcohol until all pulling by contestant is completed.  
  1. Track officials have the right to move a puller to a different class. 
  1. A driver’s meeting will be held prior to event start time. 
  1. ALL JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL!!! Failure to obey track officials will result in disqualification and may lead to removal from event. 

Hobby Stock Rules 

  1. Tractors must have OEM stock engine block. 
  1. No V8 automobile engines. 
  1. No cubic inch limit. 
  1. Any type or configuration of carburetion allowed. 
  1. Down draft allowed. 
  1. Four barrels allowed. No fuel injection. 
  1. One fuel only. 
  1. No turbo chargers allowed. 
  1. Cut tires are allowed. 20 x 38 MAXIMUM. Any cut allowed. 
  1. All tractors must have metal tire-high fenders, steel flywheels, wheelie bars, (connected in at least two spots) a scatter shield at least ¼” thick, (or a six-ply scatter blanket) and a safety kill switch located a minimum of 24” above the drawbar, centered and directly above the drawbar. All tractors must have a 2.5lb fire extinguisher installed within easy reach of the driver and a SFI approved safety helmet. 
  1. Roll cages, wide front ends, five-point safety harnesses, and complete SFI approved fire suit. 
  1. Must have frame tie bars if the tractor doesn’t have a continuous frame to the transmission. 
  1. Electric fans are required. Stock engine driver fans are not allowed. 
  1. A signed driver statement required for flywheel. 


Hot Farm Rules  

  1. Multiple turbos allowed. 
  1. Tractors allowed only ONE fuel injection pump. 
  1. No size restriction on fuel pumps. 
  1. One plunger per cylinder. 
  1. No use of nitrous oxide allowed. 
  1. 30.5 x 32 MAXIMUM tire size. Any cut allowed. 



Must have safety blanket on clutch and flywheel. Wheelie bars required. Must have breakaway switch and second emergency shutoff within reach of driver. Factory appearing block. Exhaust pipe must be cross bolted. Front dampener covered. Helmet and firesuit are MANDATORY. Sturdy rollover protection required. Wide front must track within rear wheels. 

Polk County Fair Tractor Pulling Order 

  1.           4500 Farm Stock Non Turbo 4 MPH 
  1.           5000 Hobby Stock 
  1.           5500 Farm Stock Non Turbo 4 MPH 
  1.           5500 After Chore 
  1.           7000 Farm Stock Non Turbo 6 MPH 
  1.           7000 Farm Stock Turbo 8 MPH 
  1.           6000 Hobby Stock 
  1.           6500 Modified 
  1.           6500 After Chore 
  1. 9000 Farm Stock Non Turbo 6 MPH 
  1. 9500 Farm Stock Turbo 8 MPH 
  1. 10000 Hot Farm 
  1. 10500 Farm Stock Non Turbo 6 MPH 
  1. 10500 Improved Farm 
  1. 10500 After Chore 
  1. 10500 Hot Farm 
  1. 11000 Farm Stock Turbo 10 MPH 
  1. 11000 Improved Farm 
  1. 12500 After Chore 
  1. 13000 Farm Stock Turbo 10 MPH 
  1. 14500 After Chore 
  1. 15000 Farm Stock Turbo 12 MPH 
  1. 18000 Farm Stock with duals no front wheel assist 7 MPH 
  1. Unlimited Farm Stock 


Tractor Pull 

July 29th, 2023 4PM 


Farm stock Must be registered by 3:30 or you don’t pull. 

All other classes must be registered before class is posted. 

Farm stock non turbo: 4500, 5500, 7000, 9000, 10500 

1st $100.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

Farm stock turbo: 7000, 9500, 11000, 13000, 15000  

1st $100.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

After chore: 5500, 6500, 10500, 12500, 14500 

1st $100.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

Improved farm: 10500, 11000 

1st $200.00 

2nd $100.00 

3rd $50.00 

Hot Farm: 10000, 10500 

1st $300.00 

2nd $200.00 

3rd $100.00 

Hobby stock: 5000, 6000 

1st $150.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

Modified: 6500 

1st $300.00 

2nd $200.00 

3rd $100.00 

18000 Farm Stock with duals no front wheel assist 

1st $100.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

Unlimited weight 

1st $100.00 

2nd $75.00 

3rd $50.00 

All classes $30.00 Entry fee                 Questions: Brandon 715-417-1660 

2023 Stock Car Rules

Polk County Fair – St. Croix Falls


  1. All cars must be standard makes. No CONVERTIBLES, IMPERIALS, or IMPERIAL FRAMES.
  2. No welding on the frame. No reinforcing, plating, or stuffing the frame, hood, trunk lid, or

     body panels.  No tipping.

  1. Any stock bumper. Bumper can be welded on, without adding extra metal. Shock bumper

     is allowed if it was originally equipped on the vehicle.  No stuffing or adding metal in or on

     the bumper.  Square tubing with chrome skin allowed no more than 1/8” no bigger than

     4”x4” tubing.  No pointy bumpers.

  1. May plate top of front frame on any car. No more than 16” back from front bumper and only with flat stock steel no more than ¼” thick. (No C-channel.)
  2. Motors: factory mounts may be welded. 1/4″ thick x 2″ wide straps may be attached to

     motor and welded to frame.  No more than 4″ of any strap may be welded to the frame. 

     Straps must be in front of carburetor and remain behind front pulleys.  Motors may be

     chained down.

  1. Doors must be chained or welded. No seam welding- may only use 4″ x 4″ patches- four per


  1. Headers, tranny coolers, floor shifters, and electric fuel pumps may be used.
  2. Driver’s door reinforcement may not extend more than 2″ out from body and no more than

     6″ past door seams.

  1. Hood may be bolted or chained, but not welded shut. 6 chains or 6 bolts (not larger than

     3/4″ diameter).  Only two bolts or chains may go through the frame, in front of A-arms.

     All other bolts or chains must be to body only.  No larger than 6″ x 6″ plates and/or washers

     may be used.  MUST HAVE 8″ X 8″ HOLE IN HOOD OVER CARBURETOR.  Hood must be  

     opened for inspection.  If hood is not off for inspecting, you will not run.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  1. Trunk lid may be chained or bolted with 6 chains or 6 bolts (not larger than ¾” diameter).

     Only two bolts may go through the frame. All others must be to body only. May weld down

     with 6 patches, no more than ¼” 4”x4”.  MUST HAVE 12″ X 12″ HOLE IN CENTER OF TRUNK

     LID FOR INSPECTION, (this means 12×12, not 10″ or 11″).

  1. No larger than 4″ diameter dash bars allowed. X-brace from door post to opposite rocker

     allowed, no larger than 4″ diameter.  Door bars allowed.  No down bars to frame or floor. 

     Must be floating cage.  No halos.  Dash bar 3” away from firewall.

  1. On hard tops only, one strap or chain may run from middle of door post up to roof. If strap

     Is used, it may not be more than 3/16″ thick x 3″ wide and not welded more than 8″ on the


  1. NO WATER BARRELS ALLOWED! You can run radi-barrels attached to core support only.

     Radi-barrel cannot touch frame in any way, and you cannot cut out frame to fit it.

  1. Run four bolts ¾” x 9” max – 4”x4” from floor to frame anywhere in the car 10” behind


  2. Only stock rear-end (no truck rear-ends). 5 lug pattern max.
  3. Pulley protector can only be connected to engine, not the frame.
  4. No reinforcing suspension. Stock suspension. May weld up a-arms for height purposes. 

     One piece of 1” strap per side.

  1. May connect front inner fenders to frame with 4”x2” flat stock/plate 1/8” thick max. One

     per side.

  1. Gas tank mount can be connected to cage but must be floating 6” off the floor and 6”

     away from package tray.

  1. Engine cannot be touching the firewall.
  2. Judges make all final calls

Street Stock Class

Polk County Fair Demo Derby

This class was created to have fun and fun for the fans to watch (Total Carnage). If you come with a vehicle that is built any more than what is listed below you will not run.

  1. Any 1980 and newer 2-wheel drive full size, midsize or compact passenger car/ mini-van/mini-truck/mid-size SUV. (No full-size trucks or SUVs.) 2003’s and newer are allowed. ALL components MUST remain stock!!!
  2. All vehicles must be stripped of all plastic, glass, headlights, taillights, and anything else that could fall off onto the track during the show. ALL plastic on the outside of vehicle MUST be removed before you will receive a stick!!
  3. All vehicles must remain stock, ABSOLUTELY NO WELDING ANYWHERE, unless otherwise noted, (four-point cage & driver’s door.)
  4. Bumpers must remain stock, do not alter bumper in any way. Factory bumper shocks must remain in the factory location. You may remove rear bumpers and shocks. There is no welding to be done on bumpers. Plastic bumper covers MUST be removed!!
  5. Batteries may be left in stock location and spray foam may be added around battery. You may also move the battery to the passenger floor or seat. Please make sure the battery is not moving.
  6. If the factory gas tank is in front of the axle you may leave it there, but we highly suggest moving it inside of the vehicle. If it is behind the axle, you must move it to the rear seat area. Factory tanks may be moved inside but completely secured. After market tanks may be used. If the vehicle is NOT safe, it will NOT run!!!
  7. All doors may be wired or chained in 6 places max per seam.
  8. Trunks, hoods, tailgates, all may be wired or chained in 6 places total. Sheet metal to sheet metal only. Nothing to frame or bumpers. If you remove the trunk or tailgate you lose that wire or chain.
  9. Rear seat bar may be added. It may be welded to post. If you have to add something to get it away from the seat, please call. This is only to stop the sides from coming in, not to help any other part of the vehicle. We are allowing a standard floating 4-point cage. NO Kickers. NO Down bars. NO further back than 6” from driver’s seat. Do NOT overdo this. This is for Safety ONLY.
  10. Driver’s door only may have a plate welded to the outside or inside. This is for driver safety.
  11. DOT tires only. Stock wheels only. All wheel weights must be removed. Only tubes and air are permitted inside of tires.

These rules are cut and dried, you should not have to call to ask many questions on this class.

If it does not say you can do it, then that means YOU CANNOT do it. Quick and easy build.

Demolition Derby

Sunday, Jul  30th,  2023  @  2pm

Contact us for rules and questions


Polk County Fair

General Driver – Demolition Derby Rules

July 30th, 2023 @ 2 PM


Car & Driver – $XXX, Pit Passes $XX, Register at Gate.  Pit will open for registration at 11 AM.  Registration & Pit Passes will end at 1:30 PM!!!  You must be registered, inspected, modifications made and in the pit by 1:30 PMGATES WILL BE CLOSED AT THAT TIME!!  Driver meeting will be held at 1:45 PM.  


CLASSES – Chain Stock, Full Size Light Build Trucks, Small Trucks, Stock Cars, Compact Cars, Two Man Team, Mini Vans, Imperials  (Minimum of 4 vehicles to run a class).  Power Wheels and Lawn Mowers will run at beginning of show


 $XXXX First Place for Chain Stock, Stock Cars, Full Size Light Build Trucks, Imperials

                 $XXX First Place for Small Trucks, Compact Cars, Two Man Team, Mini Vans

Bring 3 other friends and run for Guaranteed Money! Total Prize money based on number of vehicles entered.


Make sure your vehicles are within the rules!! Things that got through before might not make it through this year.  Inspections go faster and easier for everyone if your vehicles meet the rules when you bring them in.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!!



  1. The Polk County Fair Demolition Derby entries are open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Drivers 16 & 17 years of age may enter with the legally notarized approval of their parent of guardian. The form is provided on the bottom of the entry blank. The form should be notarized prior to derby entry. NO EXCEPTIONS!! PROOF OF AGE WILL BE REQUIRED for ANYONE looking to be under 25 years of age wanting to go into the pit area!! BRING YOUR ID!! All drivers must supply their own cars.
  2. All pit crew members must be 18 years of age or older. Pit crew members 16 & 17 years of age may enter with the legally notarized approval of their parent of guardian. The form is provided on the bottom of the entry blank. The form should be notarized prior to derby entry. NO EXCEPTIONS!! PROOF OF AGE WILL BE REQUIRED for ANYONE looking to be under 25 years of age wanting to go into the pit area!! BRING YOUR ID!!
  3. Absolutely NO carry in alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit area. There will be alcohol and food available for purchase at the pit food stand.
  4. The Polk County Fair and Derby Officials will not be responsible for any vehicle or its components while on the fairgrounds. Drivers and owners are required to remove their demolition derby cars from the arena and the fairgrounds by 9 AM on day after derby.
  5. The Polk County Fair and Derby Officials reserve the right to reject any or all entries.
  6. Any drivers protesting another vehicle must do so before the pit meeting. Officials will inspect the vehicle being protested and the vehicle of the person filing the protest. Any decision reached by the officials will be final. THERE WILL BE A PROTEST FEE. IF NOTHING IS FOUND, FEE IS FORFEITED. DERBY OFFICIALS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RE-INSPECT ANY VEHICLE BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER THE DERBY.
  7. A crash helmet, eye protection, seat belt and/or shoulder harness are required and must be worn throughout the event. All drivers are required to wear a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, (denim or Carhart type). No nylon jackets.
  8. All derby vehicles will be subject to open hood and trunk inspections unless damage from prior derbies makes that impossible,
  9. Reckless driving or excessive speed in the pit area will result in disqualification.
  10. Unsportsmanlike conduct during any derby will result in suspension for a year and ten days. This applies to drivers and pit people.
  11. Drivers and pit people will not be allowed to enter the grandstand area. If you pay for a pit pass you stay in the pit area. If you want to enter the grandstand area you forfeit your pit pass privileges.
  12. The person that signs in as the driver, must be the driver for the event.


Polk County Fair – St. Croix Falls

  1. Headers through hoods allowed.
  2. Stock (original) gas tanks must be removed. You must use a boat tank or well-made fuel cell and it must be secured and covered. No plastic tanks or gas cans. Fuel line must be secured and fastened properly. Place fuel cell behind driver’s seat of car where the back seat used to be. Must be fastened down securely – no plumber’s strap, bungee straps or self- tapping screws.
  3. Any full-size car allowed except Imperials.
  4. No studded tires or wheel weights. No snow or aggressive tires on rear.
  5. Valve stem protectors are acceptable (must meet judges safety standards or be taken off).
  6. Radiator ONLY, bolted in stock position ONLY, or none. (NO water barrels or Radi-barrels).
  7. Transmission coolers are acceptable inside the car but must have approved steel or hydraulic hose.
  8. Bumper may be welded to shocks or bolted or chained to the frame, so we don’t have loose bumpers on the track. You may trim ends. Bumpers are interchangeable. Bumper brackets must be factory to the car. Bumpers may be from any American made auto or be homemade to the following rules. May be made with up to 4” x 4” x ¼” box tubing. Must be no longer than the outside of the front fenders and officials must be able to see all the way through the tube. Must have a bumper casing around it on the front side. To fasten bumper to the frame you can use a maximum of 2” x 2” x ¼” angle iron. Bumper should be welded in place but to bumper brackets only. Only 4” of welding allowed on frame for fastening brackets. No additional metal will be allowed!! NO POINTED BUMPERS!
  9. Windshield screen is highly recommended.
  10. If not running stack through the hood, a hole must cut over the carburetor for fire safety.
  11. Trunk lids and hood may be fastened in 6 places with 3/8” chain, 4 loops maximum. 9 wire is okay. Hoods must be able to be opened for inspection.
  12. Driver’s door may be welded shut and all other doors chained with 3/8” chain. 2 per seam. No welding of any other doors but driver’s door. The bottom of the door seams may be chained through the door and around the frame. Not to or around cage/dash bar in any manner.
  13. Frames must be factory stock. NO tilting Fords in any way!!
  14. No welding up A arms or tie rods. May weld up suspension no more than 3” height.
  15. Batteries must be placed in the passenger’s side floorboard and secured and covered. Any 12-volt battery safely in the car is allowed.
  16. Body mounts must remain in stock position, no bolt replacing.
  17. No welding leaf springs or adding extra leafs. May have 4 clamps per side.
  18. No welding body seams and no floor plating.
  19. Cutting for wheel clearance is allowed.
  20. Homemade shifters are allowed.
  21. Driver’s side window nets are recommended.
  22. Motors are interchangeable.
  23. Dash bars are recommended! No Halos allowed. Floating cage must be 12” off floor and not attached to frame or floor. No larger than 4” diameter may be used.
  24. NO distributor protectors, engine cradles or drive shaft sliders. If it’s not a part from the automotive factory, you can’t run it.
  25. Coil springs may be welded, chained, or wired in.
  26. No ¾ ton or larger rear ends.

2023 Stock Minivan rules

Polk County Fair – St Croix Falls


Vehicle Prep.

  1. Check all general prep rules first.
  2. Stock gas tank must be removed, and a small metal tank must be mounted in the rear seat area. Tank must be secured and covered and use proper rated fuel lines. NO plastic fuel tanks.
  3. Electric fuel pumps are allowed.
  4. No more than two batteries are allowed and must be relocated into the cab compartment.
  5. Floor shifters are allowed.
  6. Wiring modifications are allowed.
  7. Hood must have a 12” minimum hole to easily extinguish fires, if holes for headers are at least 12” x 12” no additional hole is required.
  8. Window guards on the driver’s door and driver’s half of the windshield are allowed.

Frame/ Body

  1. Absolutely no frame or body modifications unless noted.
  2. The only frame or body repair allowed are the strut towers and body mounts and that is only allowed if they are rusted out. Don’t get carried away, the judge has last call if it is overdone. Before repair pictures are a good idea.
  3. If body bolts are removed for rust repair, same size bolts must be reinstalled.
  4. Absolutely no body creasing, rolling, or welding.
  5. No stuffing or filling of frames.
  6. No welding shut any body or frame holes.
  7. No undercoating or painting of frames or body panels. (This means new paint or undercoating to help cover repairs)
  8. Wheel wells and fenders can be trimmed. Floor pan can be trimmed for shifters.
  9. No extra body bolts allowed.


  1. You can run stock bumpers or use round pipe, not larger than 4” or rectangular tube not larger than 5” x 3”. All factory bumpers must be bolted on the same as factory. Tube bumpers can be welded on, no adding metal or bumper shocks.
  2. If there is no frame to weld the bumper to, you can weld it to the body, but it cannot be attached to both.


  1. Doors may be welded or chained, only the driver’s door can be welded solid.
  2. All other doors can be welded or chained in not more than 3 places per door seam, if welding: using not more than 3 one eighth inch thick 3” x 3” plates per door seam.
  3. Driver’s door can have extra plating for driver’s protection, extra plating cannot extend more than 3” past either door seams on the driver’s door.
  4. One Pipe 4” x 4” max ¼” wall behind the driver seat

Hoods/trunk lids and tailgates

  1. Hoods may have 6 hold downs total, bolted, or chained, two may go to the frame, the other four must go to just sheet metal. No larger than 5” x 5” washer plates and not more than 3 nuts per bolt.

Engine, drive train and radiator

  1. Motor mounts must be stock and can be modified to help hold the motor down as long as it does not strengthen the van.
  2. No engine protectors, cradles or tranny protectors allowed.
  3. Radiator must be in stock location, no added protection in front of the radiator.
  4. No homemade radiators.
  5. Tires must be of a highway tread.

Fuel tanks, Lines and batteries

  1. No ratchet straps or bungee cords to hold battery boxes or fuel tanks in place.
  2. Fuel lines must be run through a large hole in the firewall, not through the windshield opening or under the vehicle.
  3. Fuel tank should be mounted behind the driver’s seat and can be attached to the cross bar behind the seat.
  4. No Plastic fuel tanks or battery boxes.
  5. Batteries must be mounted in a metal box or heavy wood box on the passenger’s side and must be covered.

Suspension and steering

  1. Rusted out trailing arms may be repaired with similar thickness material.
  2. Tie rod ends and struts must be stock to the vehicle.
  3. Struts cannot be repaired, only replaced.
  4. No welding or chaining the suspension or uni-body, vehicle must bounce.


Polk County Fair Truck Pull 

General Rules 

  1.  A pull official must be present at the scale. All trucks must be weighed with the driver. 
  1. Helmets must be worn in all classes including stock. 
  1. Driver must wear a seatbelt or restraint system. 
  1. Absolutely NO passengers allowed in any class. 
  1. No nitrous oxide, methanol, or LP will be allowed in any class. 
  1. Trucks will be inspected at the beginning of season and during the season. 
  1. The pull officials will govern contest after consulting with the Executive Council with all decisions final! 
  1. No fuel tanks, pumps or lines in the driver compartment in all classes unless factory installed. 
  1. Must have functioning kill switch and an automatically engaging reverse light within 18” of hitch, starter operation is only allowed in park or neutral. 
  1. Must have 360-degree drive shaft loops in the middle and each end of each shaft and 360-degree shields completely covering the u-joint for all power delivering shafts. Total of 5 loops or fully enclosed shaft. 
  1. Loops and shields must be able to retain and all moving parts of drive shaft, u joints, yokes, slip joints etc., no cast material allowed for loops or shields, no welding to cast housings, no threaded rod or rebar may be using in loops or supports, loops and shielding must be strong and secure and of quality workmanship and is the responsibility of the owner for maintenance and proper performance.  
  1. Must have SFI approved bellhousing on the clutch. SFI approved shield on automatic transmission body and have SFI flexplate and shield. SFI label is an inspectable item, and must be exposed. 
  1. Must have Harmonic balancer shield, 360 degrees, plus-straps to prevent forward movement, or SFI approved damper. 
  1. Must have fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver. 
  1. Driver must be in driver’s seat when engine is running. 
  1. Must have motor side shields if fender liners are removed, vehicle must have radiator, grill or mesh in front on motor. 
  1. Must have Pickup box, hood, fenders, doors, windshield, rear window as class required. Seat belt must be worn. 
  1. Must have complete firewall, steel, aluminum, or lexan. Only holes allowed are that for controls and wiring. 
  1. Driver must be in control of truck at all times. 
  1. If you break a rule more than once, you will be kicked out for one year and a day. Alcohol included. 
  1. The Council will deal with un-sportsmanlike conduct as needed. Anyone disrespectful to any volunteer helping with the event will be disqualified and not allowed to compete. ABSOLUTELY –ZERO TOLERANCE! 
  1. Rules are subject to change without notice.  

Polk Co Fair Truck Pull 

2.6 Smoothbore Diesel 

~Runner intakes are allowed 

1.Maximum weight 8000# 

2.OEM Chassis is mandatory. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis. Wheel tubs, back half conversions, and tube chassis are prohibited. Must retain factory OEM wheelbase for make and model of body, not to exceed 172 inches. 

3.The body must be OEM truck body including the full bed floor. No flatbeds permitted. The body must retain the full sheet metal. After market hoods permitted. The hood must be closed and securely latched when hooked to sled. 

4.Complete engine must have stock appearance except where otherwise noted in these rules. Maximum engine size will be 460ci. Engine must be in OEM location for the body used. Engine must have a 3/8 diameter cable surrounding the engine block. Cable is to be positioned between #1 and #2 cylinders and is to pass through manifolds. Cable will have 4-6 inches of slack. Two cable clamps at cable splice are required 

5.Cylinder head must be OEM or OEM replica for brand of engine. Outside of cylinder head must measure factory width and length. No billet heads of any material. Head must retain factory OEM valve angle. No deck plates permitted. 

6.Hook point to be no closer than 44”of centerline of rear axle. Maximum hitch height of 24” with a minimum of 3.75”x3” opening. Hitch must be stationary in all directions. Hitch must be frame mounted. The use of Reese style hitches is prohibited. Hitch must be centerline of rear axle or behind. Hitch must not exceed 25 degree angle from pivot point to hook point. No hitch supports or adjusters fastened to rear axle housing shall be above center point of rear axle. Pivot pin of drawbar can be no further forward than the centerline of rear axle. 

7.Turbo is limited to a 2.6” inducer bore. Bore must be smooth. No MAP Width Enhancement groove (MWE) allowed. Compressor wheel must protrude into 2.6” bore for 1/8”. Bore will be checked with a 2.605”turbo plug. Plug must not be able to enter inducer bore and contact wheel.  

8.All vehicles must be equipped with upward pointing exhaust located either directly behind cab or out of truck hood. Two 3/8 inch diameter bolts must be placed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one inch of each other and within 12 inches of turbo. 

9.Front hanging weights are allowed, not to exceed 60 inches forward from the centerline of front axle. Ballast may be added in the bed of truck but must be securely fastened. Maximum weight 8000 pounds. 

10.All trucks must have at least six inch wide u-joint shield around the rear u-joint constructed of at least 5/16 inch steel or 3/8 aluminum that will safely contain the u-joint and the end of the driveshaft. All shields must be securely mounted to vehicle. Any front shaft u-joints that can be visibly seen from side of truck must be shielded to contain the u-joint and the end of the driveshaft. 

11.A fire extinguisher system is permitted. 2.5# fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within reach of driver. A complete OEM firewall is required. 

12.All drivers must have valid driver license and full SFI fire suit including helmet. Seatbelt/restraint must be worn. 

13.The complete OEM floor pan is mandatory. Vehicle must maintain a complete firewall. Additional gauges and pillar pods are permitted. 

  1. Hand throttles permitted. Diesel fuel only (See fuels page for specs) No propane or N02 or any other oxygen enhancers allowed
  2. Maximum of one P pump up to P7100 allowed. 13MM plunger limit. Ag governors permitted. The use of multiple high-pressure common rail fuel pumps is legal.

16.OEM rear and front ends required. Must have come factory in a one ton or smaller vehicle.  

  1. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060” thickness steel or aluminum. A hole may be cut in one shield to allow operation of hub lock.
  2. Safety switch (rain cap or guillotine) must shut off air to diesel engines. Switch will be securely mounted to back of vehicle. A 2 inch or bigger solid ring must be attached to end of switch. Ring must be zip tied to switch bracket. Switch must also be able to be activated in cab while driver is secured in vehicle.

19.Hydraulic steering permitted 

  1. Suspension (Rear)- The upper mounting point for strut assembly must be in factory location. Adjustable caster/ camber pillow ball mounts are permitted. The lower control arm may be strengthened provided the factory mounting points are maintained. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted. Raising or lowering of vehicle height with suspension modifications is permitted but must be bolt on only. Welds permitted for attachment to frame and axle only. Blocked suspension permitted. No air bags. Rear suspension may be made solid.

21.Tires must be DOT approved with maximum size of 35×12.50. No studded tires or tire chains. No alterations to tires permitted. No bar or terra tires. 

  1. Dual wheels are prohibited.
  2. OEM transmission and transfer case must be used. Must have come factory in a one ton or smaller vehicle.
  3. Non-OEM transmissions prohibited. Aftermarket torque convertors, valve bodies, and internal components are permitted.

25.SFI bell housing and/or SFI blow proof bell housing or SFI blanket type shield must be used. 

  1. Water injection is prohibited.
  2. Air to Air intercooler only. No cooling device allowed for intercooler. No ice boxes.

Light Build Full Size Trucks 2023 

Polk County Fair – St. Croix Falls, Wis. 


  1. No year limit 
  1. ½ & ¾ ton trucks only 
  1. 4 door trucks allowed (see cab section for details) 
  1. Frame swaps allowed. If frame is questioned, driver must prove it fits within the rules 
  1. 4 X 4 trucks must have no power to the front wheels 
  1. No adding or moving stock cross members except as follows. 
  1. If you need to, you can remove your stock transmission cross member and substitute a piece of C channel. Only welded or bolted along the bottom of the frame rail 
  1. You can add a support to hold your radiator/radibarrel. 3” channel maximum. Only connected to frame. Must be directly under radiator/radibarrel. This is not intended to be a crossmember to support the frame rails. 

Frame Repairs 

  1. You are allowed a total of 8 frame bent/kink repairs no more. 
  1. Each fix must be 4” apart 
  1. You cannot sandwich the frame with steel at a bend. Choose to either fix it on the outside or the inside. 
  1. Material can only extend past the bend/kink by 2 inches 
  1. Material can only be ¼” thick 

Drive Train 

  1. Engine and transmission swaps allowed 
  1. Rim diameters must be between 15-16.5” 
  1. Full weld in center allowed 
  1. Rear differentials can be swapped but must be in a stock form. No braced rear ends 
  1. Aftermarket gas pedals, shifters, sliders, brake pedals, etc. are allowed 
  1. Lower engine cradles allowed. Welded or bolted but not both. 
  1. Lower cradle made from plate steel only. No front plate, no pullet protector, no mid plates, no tube reinforcing cradle 
  1. Lower cradle cannot attach to cylinder heads or cylinder head bolts 
  1. Lower cradle attaches to engine at factory engine location and does not wrap around front of engine 
  1. Cradle, if bolted in, must be bolted within the stock location. Only using 2 bolts. 
  1. Cradle can also just be welded in. using flat stock, square tube, etc., but must still only use 12” of total weld connecting it to your frame. Welded only between front pulleys and carburetor. 
  1. If not using lower cradle, you may bolt in factory mounts, along with welding engine down. You may weld between front pulleys and carburetor. Cannot bridge from side to side or go over the engine. Must not have more than 12” total weld connecting to frame.  
  1. Transmission bracing & aftermarket bell housings are allowed. If you use one of these, you cannot bolt or weld your transmission to a cross member. It must be floating on top of your cross member. 
  1. You can only mount your transmission to the cross member if it is in stock form, with no bracing or aftermarket bellhousings. Must be bolted or welded in a stock manner. (Single location) 


  1. Front bumper must be between 24-30” off the ground. Measured from the top of the bumper. 
  1. Rear frame cap also must be 24-30” off the ground. Measured from the top of the cap. 
  1. Front suspension can be welded to obtain height. 
  1. Tube steel can be used to weld your suspension up. (2” max) Must stay vertical and have no gussets. 
  1. If leaf springs are used, you are not allowed to add or stack front leaf springs. 
  1. Allowed 6 clamps per leaf pack 

Front of Truck 

  1. Front bumper can be no bigger than 4×4” tubing. No pointed bumpers. Bumpers must have a bumper skin over the face of it. 
  1. No car bumpers allowed – tube only 
  1. No angled gussets connecting your bumper to the frame. You can only use 2×2” angle iron to overlap your welds to make sure your bumper doesn’t break loose. 
  1. You are allowed 2 pieces of 1-1/2 x 1-1/2” square tube to reinforce your frame. Connecting engine saddle to front bumper. Cannot go farther back than front edge of engine saddle. Do not place it on outside face of the frame. 
  1. The only other tube steel allowed in the front of the truck is; 
  1. A piece of tube (3” max) across the top of the core support 
  1. And 2 down bars (3”max) connecting your core support bar to your frame rails. These 2 down bars must stay vertical. You are not allowed to have kicker bars from the core support bar to the engine mount area. 
  1. The 2 down bars can have 6” triangle gussets at the bottom where they meet the frame. 3/8” max thickness plate steel. No tube gussets. 
  1. Radiator or Radi barrels allowed. Barrel width must stay inside of your frame rails. 3” max. Mounted to vertical uprights only in 4 locations. 4- 2×2” angle iron, 6” long, cannot touch frame. Must be mounted in factory position. 
  1. You can have a mac of 8 hood bolts (1” max). Bolts can only connect sheet metal to sheet metal. 
  1. 2 of your hood bolts are able to run down to your frame rails by the core support area. 
  1. Your hood must either be removable or have large enough hole cut in it to fully inspect the front area. 
  1. You cannot add an engine saddle/cross member if it did not come with one from the factory. 

Cab Area 

  1. Floating cab steel only. Meaning none of your dash bars, door bars, etc., can be welded to your frame. 
  1. Cab bolts can only be welded along the outside of your frame rail or bolted to the top lip. 
  1. You can add 6 additional bolts (1” max) inside the cab, 6” washer max and no washers can be connected. 
  1. May bolt cab to box with up to 3 bolts, (1” max) 6” washer. 
  1. You can patch rusted through floor pans with 1/8” sheet metal. 
  1. Doors are to be welded shut. Your material shouldn’t venture more than a couple inches past your door seams. Same applies to welding your box to your cab. (1/8” max) 
  1. No re-sheeting body panels 
  1. If you build a roll bar inside your cab, all of it must stay inside your cab and not anchor into the bed. 
  1. If you run a 4 door, all of your cab steel must stay within the front area. Just like if it was a singe cab. Nothing more than 10” behind the driver’s seat. Your additional bolts can extend behind the driver seat. 

Bed Area 

  1. Rear frame must be capped. Use either channel or square tube 
  1. You are allowed 8 additional box bolts. (1” max) 6” washer max, no washers can be connected. 
  1. Box bolts can only be welded along the outside of your frame rail or bolted to the top lip. 
  1. You are allowed to use C channel as a gas tank protection. Laid flat along your bed floor. Must stay in front of the wheel wells and cannot be connected to your cab steel. 
  1. You can only use 4 of your additional box bolts through this gas tank protection down to the frame. If you choose to have a roll cage in the box, it must stay in the box. No wider than the width of the frame, no farther back than 3 feet from the front of the box. And stay in front of the wheel wells. This can be anchored in the same manner as the gas tank protection and cannot connect to the cab steel. May choose either gas tank protection or a roll bar but not both, in the box. 
  1. You can lay a piece of angle iron along your box where it meets the tailgate. 3” max 
  1. Weld your tailgate so it does not fall off your box. 
  1. No wedging or flattening your box or tailgate. 

Entertainment Schedule

Stage, Lights, and Sound by Woody Mcbride

Main Stage

Beer Garden Stage

Main Stage

Beer Garden Stage

Main Stage

Main Stage

Judging Schedule

2023 Judging Schedule


1:00 – 7:00 p.m.
– Face-to-Face Judging: Animal Vet Science; Cloverbuds;  Exploring; Junior Foods, Nutrition &                                                                   Preservation; Junior Arts & Crafts, & Cultural Heritage;

2:00-6:00 p.m.
– Junior Flowers, House Plants & Landscaping

6:30 p.m.
– Open/Senior Flowers & House Plants

7:00 p.m.
– Open Dairy Products


8:30 a.m.
– Junior Horse Show

9:00 a.m.
– Junior Swine – Sheep & Hog Show Arena followed by Open Division

10:00 a.m.
– Open/Senior Field Crops, Fruits & Vegetables

10:00 a.m.
– Open and Senior Photography, Foods, Nutrition & Preservation

10:00 a.m.                                            – Genealogy Judging                          – Administration Building

11:00 a.m.
– Junior Field Crops, Fruits & Vegetables – Danish Judged Crops – Class E and Member Guides –                                                  Conference Judged

1:00 p.m.
– Junior – Vegetable Garden Boxes – Conference Judged

1:00 p.m.
– Junior/Open Goats (Dairy & Pygmy) – (Livestock Show Barn)

1:00-7:00 p.m.
– Face-to-Face Judging – Junior Division Photography, Clothing, Knitting and Crocheting, Home Furnishings, Child Development



8:30 a.m.
– Junior Western Riding and Games Show

8:30 a.m.
– Junior Beef, Livestock Show Bldg. followed by Open Division

9:00 a.m.
– Junior/Open Division Poultry

9:00 a.m.
– Open/Senior – Antiques; Cultural Arts; Clothing; Knitting & Crocheting; Home Furnishings

9:00 a.m.
– Junior Sheep – Sheep & Hog Show Arena and Open Division

10:00 a.m.
– Open/Senior – Woodworking, Natural Science

10:00 a.m.
– Junior – School Exhibits

10:00 a.m.                                            – Maple Syrup Judging by the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association

11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
– Conference Judging of Junior – Woodworking, Natural Science, Youth Leadership; Health & Energy Conservation, Mechanical Sciences; Aerospace; & Electricity

Time to be Determined:
– Junior/Open Exotics



8:00 a.m.
– Open WSCA Games Horse Show – Outdoor Horse Show Arena

9:00 a.m.
-Junior Dairy Cattle – Livestock Show Building followed by Open Division.

9:30 a.m.
– Judging of Junior Division Rabbits followed by Open Division

10:00 a.m.
– Llama Show – Llama Tent

11:30 a.m.
– Dairy Showmanship Contest – Livestock Show Building



4:30 p.m.
– Exhibits can be taken home

Some events will be judged before the fair in revues, contests and rodeos.  Go to the UW-Extension website – http://polk.uwex.edu for more details.

Major Sponsors ($1000+ Sponsors)

Sponsors of $250 to $1000:

  • ADRC of Western Wisconsin
  • American Excelsior
  • American Family Insurance, Tammy Belisle Agency
  • Amery Hospital & Clinic
  • Andrie Electric
  • Bank of Baldwin
  • Bremer Bank
  • Brian R. Gray, DC
  • Burnett Dairy
  • Carlson Construction
  • Carquest Auto Parts of Frederic
  • Charlie And Becky Bents
  • Cemstone
  • Comfort Systems PH & AC
  • Community Referral Agency
  • Crystal Ball Dairy
  • Cushing Coop
  • Earth Energy Systems Company
  • East Central Dairy Supply
  • Edina Realty, Rick & Patti Katzmark
  • Fawn-Doe-Rosa
  • First National Community Bank
  • First Resource Bank
  • Form A Feed
  • Geothermal Innovative Energy LLC
  • Hauge Dental
  • H Squared Milk Transfer LLC
  • Innovative Energy LLC
  • Interactive Business Solutions, LLC
  • Jeff Antczak Trucking/Polk County Quarry
  • Jeff’s Small Engine – Milltown
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken of SCF
  • Kyle Swanson Trucking/Dresser Trap Rock
  • Lakeland Communications
  • Larsen Auto Center
  • Leckel Trucking
  • Legend Seed/Glenn Meier
  • Lincoln Contractor Supply Inc.
  • Luck Saddlery
  • Market Place Foods
  • Monarch Paving
  • Neil & Gwen Johnson Family
  • New Richmond Auto Salvage
  • NLR Derby Parts
    • Northern Veterinary Service
    • Bruce Oscarson
    • Paperworkx Design
    • Polk County Ag Educators Assn.
    • Royal Credit Union
    • Rural Insurance
    • Sports and More
    • Stump Stompers
    • Tractor Supply
    • Waterman Sanitation
    • WESTconsin Credit Union

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