The Polk County Fair is THE event to attend during summers in Polk County, Wisconsin. People of all ages gather for fun, excitement, and community at this well-loved event. Come check us out and join the fun!


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Polk County Fair happens annually on the last Thursday of July in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

Sorry, no dogs or pets are allowed.

FREE Parking – FREE Grandstand Events

Ticket sales begin at 7am and end at 9pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Ticket sales begin at 7am and end at 3pm Sunday
Ages 8 and over: Thursday thru Sunday $10
Ages 7 and under FREE

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2024 Polk County Fair:

Thursday July 25 – Sunday July 28, 2024

2024 Fair Theme: Rock the Flock!

See you at the Fair!

Letter to the Editor

Polk County Fair

A Polk county supervisor has made a statement the fair is for the kids, in my opinion, this is only partly true.

This year I had the opportunity to be at the fair from the time the gates first opened till they closed with a record-breaking attendance of over 40,000 people.

I saw thousands of adults, young and old enjoy what the Polk County Fair had to offer. Horse pulling, tractor and truck pulling, the demo derby, music, dancing, and other entertainment. Adults entered all types of items, art, baking, canning, animals, antiques, and sewing to be judged.

Local businesses had booths where you could apply for a career with their local company. Outdoor hunting items, lawnmower equipment, and agriculture equipment were displayed.

Educational tent pertaining to recycling, water quality, and how important it is for our county and the generations to come. You could find demonstrations on different topics located all around the fairgrounds.

The Old Red School was open where you could enter and go back in time to experience how education was taught in a one-room school. I heard a few young adults’ comments “No computers”? Russ Hanson was available to explain the history of the school.

Adults came to have a non-microwaved corn dog and fresh deep-fat fried cheese curds.

The county fair is for everyone young and old. In my opinion, residents of Polk County should be grateful to the dedicated young people and adults who volunteered their time to put on the fair, without their hard work there may not have been a fair.

So, the statement, THE FAIR IS FOR KIDS, is far from the truth.

Charlie Bents

SCF Resident

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A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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